Group Coaching 

Are these your Questions? 
Where will I find a safe space where I can talk openly and honestly with others in similar leadership role, who will understand and not judge me? 
Where will I find others who share my experiences and whom I can learn with?  
Where will I find something that will support, nurture and energise me? 
Group coaching brings a coaching approach to a group of peers, who can be from one or many organisations. The focus is reflection on the lived experience of being in a leadership role – on the issues that are complex, challenging, recurring and unresolved. 
The benefits you can expect to experience include: 
Builds a personal support system: feeling of being supported, understood, not judged, and less burdened because you realise that your experience is shared by others 
Better at reflection, reframing situations, questioning, problem solving and planning 
More resourceful in your leadership role because of the ideas and suggestions you get from your peers 
Group Coaching is very flexible in how it can be delivered, depending on the requirements of the group e.g. 90 minutes every 6 weeks; half a day every month; full day every three months. Typically groups will commit to 6 sessions, and some can be ongoing 

Leadership Coaching 

Providing leaders with a safe space to step back from their busyness to develop more impactful ways of working with people and situations. 

Team Performance Coaching 

Improving team performance through exploring the challenges and opportunities they face, building trust, improving communication, establishing shared goals, delivering on specific results and holding each other accountable. 

Our Clients 

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