Culture Change 

Are these your Question! 
How do we change our organisational culture so that it is more aligned with our values? 
How do we overcome this constant struggle with overwhelming busyness? 
How do we reconcile competing commitments: between strategy and operations; between short-term and long term focus; between control and autonomy? 
How do we sustain our efforts to build a new organisational culture? 
How do we dissolve our silo way of working between our different teams and functions, so that we work more collectively? 
We have lots of processes and policies but we struggle with implementation – getting everyone’s buy in. How do we resolve this? 
Lasting, sustainable solutions to these questions can only be achieved through organisational culture change. It will require a sustained, energetic focus over time and working at multiple levels: mindsets; behaviours; and processes and structures. This will bring about the culture change that is desired and required. 
The Benefits Include: 
All aspects of the organisational culture support the delivery of the mission. 
Motivated staff who are fulfilled and can see the value of their contribution. 
Efficient structures and processes around which there is alignment and commitment and which ‘work’ for the organisation. 
An appropriate balance between control and allowing things to emerge. 
A capacity to continually evolve in response to changes in the needs and expectations of stakeholders, and in response to changes in your context. 

Our Clients 

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