Engage your stakeholders – clients/customers, staff, board - in meaningful, creative, enjoyable, productive, authentic processes to harness their energy, build alignment, and co-create solutions to complex problems. 
Are these your Questions? 
How do we get the Board and staff aligned around our strategy? 
How do we deepen our reflection of working together over the last year so that we get at the real issues that are holding us back? 
What have our stakeholders, both internal and external, got to say to us about the work we do and the impact we are having? 
How do we bring a large number of diverse stakeholders together to have a conversation about what we might do together to achieve our shared vision. 
Facilitation with groups is used to reach a decision, resolve an issue, generate creative ideas, develop consensus, or harness energy. 
The benefits you can expect to experience include: 
Quality, insightful feedback from stakeholders 
Shared clarity and understanding about what is happening 
Agreement and commitment to shared decisions 
Appreciation of different perspectives 
Energy and enthusiasm about what is possible 
Facilitation is used to help a group - team, board of directors, or a coalition of organisations - to clarify its thinking, experience high levels of participation and achieve alignment around goals and can be used in a variety of contexts and with groups of varying sizes - from 5 to 500! 
As skilled facilitators we create a safe space, will work constructively with group dynamics, handle difficult situations, encourage participation, and focus on outcomes. 

Our Clients 

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