I really like an approach which turns something that I am familiar with on its head! 
One such approach is Headstand Brainstorming. 
We are familiar with Brainstorming – come up with a broad range of ideas about a particular topic which will help bring about some change. 
Headstand Brainstorming, on the other hand, is the exact opposite - ideas and suggestions about what to keep doing and thinking in order for absolutely nothing to change. 
This might seem odd. After all, isn’t everyone interested in change? 
Example. Imagine that you have a difficult relationship with a work colleague, which you would like to be different. 
Here is a Headstand Brainstorming idea: only share your story with other people who have a similar experience of that person, or who will only agree with you. 
The wisdom of this is - only talk to people who have a similar experience. This will mean that you won’t be challenged and other possibilities won’t emerge. 
The value of Headstand Brainstorming is that it draws attention to our existing habits and the hold they have over us. 
It invites us to be playful in coming up with ‘advice!’ that we would never follow, which in turn helps to identify other solutions. 
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