I have been thinking lately about Leadership Presence. What does the term conjure up for you? 
I’ve have my own ‘working definition’. It has two parts – firstly, the quality of my attention to other people, myself and the situation I’m in and secondly, the clarity of my intention in any given situation. 
The metaphor of a ‘tuning dial’ captures important aspects of Presence – an ability to tune into what is happening now - not being distracted, being able to focus on what is at hand. This ‘tuning in’ is not just in relation to other people, but also myself – what is going on for me, what am I thinking, feeling, experiencing. An ability to observe myself in the midst of an experience. 
Everyone has presence. We create an experience for others when we are with them. This may be positive or negative or a combination of both. I’m reminded of the quote from Maya Angelou ‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’. An important aspect of Presence is the quality of the experience we create for others. 
Why is Presence so important? Because it is an antidote to the relentless busyness which is such a feature of all of our lives. 
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