Posts from May 2021

‘Finding Freedom to make a difference’ is a statement that deeply resonates with my experience in organisations - in my role as employee, manager and board member; I also hear it from colleagues and from the clients I work with. 
Finding freedom is an ever present feature of organisational life. 
I really like an approach which turns something that I am familiar with on its head! 
One such approach is Headstand Brainstorming. 
I have been thinking lately about Leadership Presence. What does the term conjure up for you? 
I’ve have my own ‘working definition’. It has two parts – firstly, the quality of my attention to other people, myself and the situation I’m in and secondly, the clarity of my intention in any given situation. 
I am passionate about coaching – because of the quality of the space it can create for reflection, re-energising and refocusing. 
There are many different forms of coaching - individual, team, group and reciprocal. This week is International Coaching Week and as a way of illustrating the value of coaching here is a short conversation between Deirdre Coghlan-Murray and myself where we talk about our Reciprocal Coaching arrangement. 
I know that coaching is a powerful process. I see the impact it has for my clients. I also have experienced being coached, through a process called Reciprocal Coaching – where two coaches coach each other. 
Over the last year we have been meeting every 3-4 weeks to coach each other. It has been a really valuable space for me both professionally and personally. 
Thanks Deirdre. 
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