I was having a conversation this morning with a client about their preparations for a blended approach to work places when offices begin to reopen. They have a staff of 50 and are usually located across a number of office locations. 
I though I'd share it here; It is not an exhaustive list, but it might be useful for other similarly sized or smaller organisations. 
We identified a mixture of technical problems and adaptive challenges. The distinction? You 'plan the way forward' for Technical Problems whereas you 'learn the way forward' for Adaptive Challenges. I find that this is a useful distinction. 
The Technical Problems include: a) identifying roles that are suitable for remote working b) assessing home work spaces and providing appropriate equipment c) having conversations with staff to see what their personal preferences are - not everyone likes remote working d) supporting staff; f) considering longer term office requirements; g) and managing performance. 
The Adaptive Challenges include: a) building relationships without the informal interactions that usually happen in a workplace; b) managing remote teams; c) building and maintaining trust - its more challenging when you don't regularly meet people. 
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