I had an experience recently which brought home the value to me of 'micro' connections with other people. It illustrated one of the down sides of working from home - we miss at lot of the informal interactions that happen during the day. 
I had to go into my local stationery story to buy a replacement ink cartridge. In the shop I chatted with the sales person about the weather, the impact of Covid on their business - both plus and minus, and we wished each other well. Then I nipped across the street to get a take away coffee - more connection points - a greeting, a smile, a thank you. Then back to my car, which was blocked in by a lorry making a delivery. A brief conversation with the driver. He was only going to be there a few minutes so I explained I'd sit in my car and enjoy my coffee, and biscuit cake (a little comfort eating!) 
Later in the day I realised how I valued these interactions and how much I missed them. 
This highlights for me the challenges that organisations will face over the coming months and years, with a blended approach of home and remote working, in replicating these important 'micro' interactions. They build connection, trust, confidence, understanding, and a shared culture.. 
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