The Wholestory 

Wholestory, founded in 2014 by Kieran Murphy, grew out a search for different, more creative ways for leaders and organisations to fulfil the promise and potential of their purpose – their own, their teams and their organisation. 
"I had a lot of experience of senior leadership positions, at both executive and board level, in Ireland and the UK, and yet I was always searching for different, more impactful leadership approaches that would enable me to respond more effectively to the challenges and opportunities I was encountering."  
Kieran Murphy, Founder of Wholestory. 
Kieran Murphy brings over 25 years’ experience of working at both senior executive and board level positions in a variety of not-for-profit organisations in Ireland and the UK.  
Kieran’s qualifications include Professionally Qualified Coach, Advanced Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching, Belbin Team Role Accredited, Innermetrix ADV Consultant, and MA in Organisational Analysis, received in 2010, from the University of East London. 

Engaging the Wholestory 

"I am inspired by the belief that it is possible for a person, teams, organisations and society to fundamentally re-imagine who they are and who they are becoming so that they excel and succeed. 
This is an antidote to the belief that because problems are so numerous and complex, views so different and fixed, and vested interests so selfish, that slow, incremental change is all that is possible. 
Fundamental to this process of ‘reimagining’ is engaging with the wholestory: the past and present; the future that is emerging; with logic and intuition; with the head, heart and gut; the issues that are difficult to talk about; and the views from the margins’. 
Kieran Murphy, Founder of Wholestory. 

Who we work with 

The types of leaders we work with are 
Have a niggle: they have encountered some of their limits – their own, their teams, their organisation, or there is an opportunity they want to grasp. Something isn’t working for them; they have a niggle that isn’t going away. 
Curious: about why things are the way they are and how they might be different. 
Open: are honest with themselves and are prepared to admit that they don’t have all of the answers. 
High level of Commitment to the people they lead and their organisation. 
Striving for things to be better, and are ambitious for the future. 

Why Choose Wholestory 

Wholestory is built on decades of senior management and leadership experience, whose values are: 
Designs a Plan for you. We take the time to understand the complexities and subtleties of your situation to produce a customised plan 
Work imaginatively and creatively with you and your people to build rapport, develop shared understanding and open up new possibilities 
Psychological safety. We create and hold a safe space for you, your team, your organisation to engage with its wholestory 
Transformational change. Focus on impacts which will deliver transformational change so that you, your team and organisation can grow into unimagined possibilities. 
Future focus. We recognise that organisations need to constantly evolve to stay true to their purpose and respond to the challenges and opportunities they are encountering. 

Wholestory’s approach 

It isn’t possible to navigate the challenges and opportunities of organisational life with just the benefit of hindsight – bringing forward the learning from yesterday and expecting it to work tomorrow – Using old paths to get to new places. 
The challenges of complexity, volume of work and uncertainty which teams, individuals, and organisations face require a radically different approach in order to fully access the promise and potential of their purpose. What’s required is a capacity to grow into unimagined possibility
Wholestory’s distinctive approach involves working simultaneously at multiple levels: individual, team, organisation, and with stakeholders. Many organisational change initiatives fail because they only focus on one level and expect the breakthroughs there to impact positively on other levels. 

Our Clients 

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