Leadership Coaching 

Providing leaders with a safe space to step back from their busyness to develop more impactful ways of working with people and situations. 

Leadership Coaching 

Are these your Question? 
How do I deal differently with people and situations so that I get a better outcome? 
How do I get a better understanding of the way I am contributing to situations and how do I do things differently? 
How do I develop my leadership approach with my team? 
Leadership Coaching is a powerful process that can unlock your untapped potential so that you thrive professionally and personally 
The benefits you can expect to experience include: 
Space to talk things through and gain new perspective; 
Deeper learning – about yourself, how you are perceived, where you can improve; 
Awareness of perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding you back; 
Tapping into your own creativity and resourcefulness; 
Emotional support, encouragement and empathy; Successful results – greater confidence about putting plans into action. 
Leadership coaching will work in any number of situations, for example: 
Are you newly appointed to your role, busy building relationships with board, staff and key stakeholders, dealing with a raft of issues all of which require your attention? It is both exciting and frightening. 
Are you leading your team/organisation through a particular set of circumstances which are unfamiliar, challenging and stressful? 
Are you so busy that you scarcely have time to think and concerned that you are too short-term focused and reactive? 
Leadership Coaching is for senior leaders: CEO’s, Chair of Boards and senior staff members. 
A typical programme of one to one coaching might consist of between six and eight 90 minute sessions over a 6 to 10 month period. 
Already made up your mind to book a 90 minute coaching session?  

Team Performance Coaching 

Improving team performance through exploring the challenges and opportunities they face, building trust, improving communication, establishing shared goals, delivering on specific results and holding each other accountable. 

Group Coaching 

Bringing peers together so that they can share their experience, insights and learnings; explore alternative approaches to deal with the real challenges they face; recognise that meeting with people in similar roles, in similar situations, will strengthen each person’s capacity to work creatively and more resourcefully. 

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